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Payment info may be required to enter Eisa, including the NS building. If you are interested in Eisa for RP, register! Members of the in-character "Eisa" group are always allowed into the sim, even without payment information on file.
a month ago

Lore Day 2017

How did NS get started making robots? Why are there so many different kinds of controllers? Just who was April Voet?

Join us next Saturday in Eisa, on July 8, when we'll be discussing these questions and more, looking back on the technical and historical details of the company, both from an IC perspective, since the company's founding in 1981, and an OOC perspective, since we first dreamt up the roleplay in 2014. (The particularly nerdy may want to buff up with NSIS first.)

New Arrivals
Hax, Reikan Allan

(application in progress)
CP Lana (476-30-3835)
Property of: Ember Mikals
(application in progress)
Japanese Lesbian Pleasure Companion Swallow (SHE-20150407)
Property of: Uncoded
(application in progress)
Yutani Springs PC/8R + custom mods fid3lis (CMi-998-60-3173)
Property of: Formerly Frumpelhof University HQ Library, Frumpelhof University Student Handling (Overseas) (current)
(application in progress)
rules update
With so many people setting up homes in Eisa, we thought it was time we codified the behavior we expect from renters and other land-users in the sim. See the bottom of the rules page for more information.
Important Alert!

ALERT! Reports of a strange creature lurking in the swamps resembling a lanky humanoid with the lower half of a large snake have been received. Extreme care should be exercised when going near the area and any trips through the swamps should be avoided at all costs. The creature is said to be extremely violent and prone to attack without ... »

NS and Eisa at the SL Science Fiction Convention 2017

Come see what's left of the future! We have had a huge, gorgeous booth in one of the most-trafficked areas of the convention this year, in downtown Akasharon. Join us every day this week, until Sunday, April 2nd, to spread the word and discover what the rest of the grid has been up to while you've been ... »

Robots vs. cyborgs

The below information was recently added to the About page. Most regulars will be familiar with these details, but they're not very obvious to new visitors.

Robots: The primary driving force for the creation of synthetic life isn't a god complex—that's not economically useful. On most civilized ... »

The radio game
Strange signals have been heard over the weekend throughout the colony, leading many to suspect something mysterious is afoot in Eisa. To get your radio receiver and start exploring the spectrum, take a trip to Club io, on the north side of the Tier, across the street from the Tai Yong construction site.
Temporary reduction in staff
Kuro Umino will be gone from SL until Wednesday, March 22nd. This means that her characters (LY-N13L, h4nako, and Kuukie) will be absent, and she will be unable to perform battery replacements or approve immigration ... »